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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Innovative DVD Helps Endangered Species!

Why doesn't Hollywood do this?

Independent production studio, Stone Canyon Productions, has just released an innovative new DVD called "'s African Safari." According to the producers, this DVD features real kids who take you on an exciting journey through four of Africa's most amazing game parks and reserves, and introduces you to over 50 species of animals, including Africa's "BIG FIVE."

This DVD also features incredible music, beautiful animals, gorgeous scenery, and kid actors who are very credible and real. There's none of that syrupy, over the top, annoying acting that tends to plague children's fare and turns parents off. These kids talk to you with authority. There's no dumbing down here!

Furthermore, the producers are donating 3% of the list price from every DVD that they sell to benefit The Cheetah Conservation Fund (, Wildlife Safari (, and the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy ( to save endangered cheetahs and rhinos!

Kudos to "'s African Safari," which is available on DVD at! Learn more at


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