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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cheetah Mother Adopts Two Cubs

Did you know that cheetah mothers do not like to raise a single cub? Therefore, when a cheetah gives birth to one cub in captivity, it has to be hand raised by people or adopted by another cheetah who has several cubs of her own.

Click here to read about a cheetah in Texas who adopted two cubs from different mothers.


Blogger VallyP said...

That's amazing Paul. I didn't know that, but what do the mothers only have one cub? The picture is really lovely. I've never seen a cheetah cub before - they're rally sweet!

4:51 AM

Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Interesting information, Paul. I didn't know that.

Cheetahs are amazing, aren't they? And cute as can be.

10:23 AM

Blogger ensure said...

nice info i was not knowing about it
and pic also cute one

3:12 AM


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