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Friday, June 09, 2006

If I Owned a Dog...

I don't own a dog, but if I did, my favorite breed is the Golden Retriever. In addition to being a beautiful animal, these dogs are friendly and playful.

What's your favorite dog breed?


Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Hi Paul,

I owned a dog, and she was the most beautiful breed- a mutt. :) She had shepherd, collie, American spaniel, and husky flowing through her veins, and it gave her enough to live almost 16 years.

I do love the retrievers breeds, and the labs. Big dogs. I am not much for the little ones.


4:56 PM

Blogger Paige-Animal Lover said...

we used to have 2 dogs but had to put them to sleep because they got old and sick. Tunkah was a rotweiler who was a really big baby. When I was small he used to pull me around on my sled in the winter time. He would bark when people came to the door and scare them but he never was mean and used to play with my cats all the time. Kodie was a mixed breed of collie and shepard. He had long blond hair and was really fast. He could catch a frisbee really good. Even though he was smaller then Tunkah he was the boss. He would always steal Tunkahs bones and run away with them. I really loved my dogs and miss them. We can't get another dog because my little sister is very allergic to them and breaks out if a dog licks her.

4:17 PM

Blogger VallyP said...

Hi Paul
I've been neglecting you! Shame on me!

I grew up with Goldens, and love them..I had a very special Golden Retriever called Rosie that I had to leave behind when I went to Africa..too hot for nearly broke my heart as she was my constant companion.

Our friend in blogland, Dale, has just lost her Golden Retriever to cancer. She's very sad about the loss, and it's rather a coincidence that you should have put this post up at almost the same time!

As you know I now have my Sindy, who is part labrador, part dobermann, and of all the dogs in my life, she ranks (Ithink) as the most difficult (because of all her hang ups from puppy abuse) but the dearest to me ever

1:47 PM

Blogger The Imp said...

a siberian husky.

strong, independent, affectionate, loyal.

1:58 AM

Blogger Lorraine said...

Hi Paul, I love all dogs, my last one was a German Sheppard who died a few years ago from old age. He was the most loving dog I ever had and fierce with his love :)
I have 3 cats now LOL
I love Golden Retrievers too...

1:28 AM


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