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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Can You Identify This Zebra?

This is the largest of the three species of zebras, and it is mainly found in Northern Kenya and parts of Ethiopia. It is estimated that there are fewer than 3500 of these animals left in the world. Of this number, 17% of them live on land that is owned by the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.


A) Grevy's Zebra
B) Mountain Zebra
C) Plains Zebra


    Blogger Lorraine said...

    What a beautiful zebra...wish I knew the name

    2:48 AM

    Blogger Cary Patrick Martin said...

    Wow, what an amazing blog you have! Definitely must go on my blogroll! I wanted to be a zookeeper 'til I was 14, I let that go but still have a great love for all animals. My knowledge of them has helped me in what I currently do in ways I would have never imagined. Plus, I still get to work with them from time to time, as well.

    Thanks for coming to my blog, I will surely be a regular on yours! =)

    8:19 PM

    Blogger PLFadeaway said...

    Awesome Blog. If only I knew the name of one zebra. Lol. Next time, maybe you could do multiple choice.

    12:30 PM

    Blogger Jessica said...

    My guess is Grevy's, but I think he (?) looks more like a Garreth.

    10:11 PM

    Blogger MBrown said...

    Wonderful wildlife images you have shown us here. Excellent!
    And, ... also nice to see you getting the kids involved out or with nature.
    Mine are involved with me out in nature, and I consider all kids to be one of our greatest resources on earth.
    Hopefully, we can teach them well together!

    Nice site, and I'll be back!!

    10:51 AM

    Blogger Sock Monty said...

    Garreth the Grevy?

    Our local Zoo has Plains Zebras.

    And I think there used to be a Zebra named a "Queen Elizabeth" but they are all extict now...?

    My Mum makes Sock Zebras!

    9:57 PM

    Blogger FallenAngel said...

    the answer i say is a

    10:42 AM

    Blogger sydney said...

    i will say the answer is a

    10:46 AM

    Blogger Lachlanjack said...

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    3:36 AM

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