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Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Big Cats of the Masai Mara - Kenya, East Africa

Lions are common in the Mara and can be found during the day resting in the shade of bushes and trees along the small streams that cut through the savanna.

Unlike lions, who live groups, leopards are solitary cats. They usually hunt at night and spend their days resting high up in trees, safely out of reach from lions and hyenas.

Because leopards and the lions tend to hunt at night, cheetahs hunt during the light of day to avoid confrontation. In addition, cheetahs are often found in the middle of grassy plains where they can watch out for both prey and predators.

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    Blogger sydney said...

    I love your site, thank you for responding to my daughters site at, she is not motivated to read at all however she has an incredible intuition for peoples emotions and an almost magical kinship with animals.
    I recently helped her maker blog and she has free reign over it, this is good for her on many levels, she reads, writes, and expresses herself better when she is motivated, and she feels noticed when she gets responses, again hank you for responding, this post will be under her name, but my blog is

    8:58 PM

    Blogger MBrown said...

    Wonderful images, and especially the second shot in the way that the light comes into play.
    Composition, light and colors, details, ..... excellent!

    10:50 AM

    Blogger MBrown said...

    Whoops, ..... I actually meant the third one! : )
    Still, that second shot would have been more difficult to achieve, and you pulled if off nicely!!

    12:51 PM

    Blogger MBrown said...

    Darn it! (I'm forgetful today)

    And, ..... thanks for the link.
    Appreciate it!
    Will get you and others added to mine hopefully soon after I take care of some things!

    12:52 PM

    Blogger Jess Riley said...

    Hi Paul,

    Saw your post at Stef's and thought I'd drop by; thank you for what you do. Seriously.

    10:31 PM

    Blogger scrappy rose said...

    I love your blog... animals, animals, animals!

    6:43 AM

    Blogger RheLynn said...

    I see! Big cats (unlike my little tiger and her friends ;o) Thanks for the link. You have done some beautiful photography work!

    Are these digital or SLR?

    11:27 AM

    Blogger Wendy C. said...

    Your photo's are fantastic! I haven't read very far yet - will probably feel compelled to comment again later!

    10:51 PM

    Blogger Kris said...


    loved you first pic with the lion! I should tak a photo of a painting I have at home (when I get back...) for you to see, you were able to take a real similar pic, amazing! and I love lions!!!!

    how did u find out about my blog? cool that you dropped by, I love Hawai'i too!!!, will soon post some other pics, you wouldn't believe on the shots we got!

    btw, perhaps you gimme some tips on how i can improve my blog such as putting a counter, other links and comments on the title of the blog as you have on yours, looks really cool

    cya later, keep in touch

    1:15 AM

    Blogger Jessica said...

    You have a great blog too! I'm glad I popped in to see what yours was like! Wonderful!!!! Have a great day!

    5:38 AM

    Blogger Lucy Stern said...

    Cats have so much of their own beauty. I love watching cats.

    8:38 AM

    Blogger psb2006 said...

    WOW, these pictures are beautiful. Did you click these? I love wild cats :)

    12:23 PM

    Blogger sydney said...

    what is your favoret big cat i like leporedsand tigers

    11:01 AM

    Blogger Rachelle said...

    Thanks for the comments on my artwork. Love the cats on your sight. Beautiful!!

    6:12 PM

    Blogger Dave MacIntyre said...

    I love shots of the big cats! Great post!

    1:39 PM

    Blogger The Pilots said...

    I'm lucky enough to live and work in the Mara for a few months of the year.

    If I may indulge you guys I have a modest podcast that records some of the goings on at

    Keep up the good work.


    1:10 PM


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