In 1900 there were 100,000 cheetahs in the world. By 2006, due to loss of habitat and prey, the number of cheetahs has declined to just 12,000. That's why I founded, which is dedicated to educating kids and their families about endangered species. If you love animals, please bookmark this site. In future posts we will take you along on our personal journey to Save the Animals through our DVD series.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Children's Nature Film Festival

The First Annual Children's Film Festival in Eugene, Oregon has invited me to show a three minute short of our hot air balloon ride over Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya from my "African Safari" DVD! Our video has been selected to join an impressive slate of award winning short films from around the world on April 30, 2006, at the McDonald Theater. I'll post more about this incredible balloon ride later this week.



Blogger VallyP said...

CONGRATULATIONS Paul!!!! That's really an honour isn't it? And great exposure for your film and what you do. I'll look forward to hearing more about it later.
Take care

3:41 PM

Blogger Paul said...

Thanks Val!

Cheers, Paul

9:32 PM

Blogger arvindh said...

You have a very interesting blog - admire your dedication to wildlife conservation.

7:03 AM


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