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Thursday, April 06, 2006

I photographed this lowland gorilla at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. This exhibit was so popular that I had to wait about 10 minutes just to get a spot at the window to snap a shot of this male.

Find out what this gorilla is thinking on my "Freaks of Nature" blog.

Click HERE to learn more about lowland gorillas.


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Blogger Dia said...

He looks big, reminds me of the King Kong movie :)

2:51 PM

Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Great photo, Paul. I can never look at zoo gorillas in the eyes. They remind me too much of ourselves, and it would break my heart to be caged up like that and on exhibit. I feel that way about all the primates, so I usually hurry past those parts of our zoo, which is a great zoo as zoos go.


3:36 PM

Blogger mysti said...

I am a blog friend of Tarts. When you mentioned that you had animals on your blog page also I just had to look. I am impressed with your pictures. I will slowly read your blog. Thanks for sharing!


4:55 AM

Blogger Selvi Sindu said...

It reminds me of my boyfriend coz I started calling him King Kong after seeing that movie.It brings tears to my eyes coz he is far away from me in India but made also feel funny to thing of my boyfriend.Am started skol.Am having Easter vacations.Have a g8 Easter.Waiting eagerly for more posts...

6:57 AM

Blogger Marsha said...

I love gorrilas. I saw an exhibit at the New Orleans zoo many, many years ago.

8:30 PM

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8:20 PM

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Blogger Kids said...

I have an assosiation called KIDS SAVE THE APES that helps apes including gorillas---but also orangutans, bonobos,gibbons,and chimps. If you are a kid aged 8-14 and are interested in joining,visit my website. THANKS!!!!!!! SAVE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!

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