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Monday, March 13, 2006

Save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Once again Big Oil is trying to sneak a bill through the US Senate to gain drilling rights in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Your help is urgently needed to stop this bill from passing in the Senate on Thursday, March 16th!

Please go to this link at the NRDC for more information and tell your Senators "NO" to this bill. Thanks for helping animals!

UPDATE: Click here to see how the US Senate voted on this issue on March 16th.


Blogger I ROCK!!!!! said...

Another sad thing I mean It's there land we can deal with out a little Oil They need that Space to live I Think many Extinked Animals are Extinked because people and there selvish need's. Bless you for all you've said Could you check out my blog please.Eat a Veggie Save a cow as I alway's like to say.

7:58 PM

Blogger Ash said...

Thats really sad...

8:27 PM

Blogger askme2flashU said...

Wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment. Great blog you have, love the pictures and the info. Thanks for sharing. Will bookmark you for sure.

9:41 AM

Blogger Selvi Sindu said...

Hey Paul,
That is sad to hear. I have a good news, I bought a new puppy on Monday.It is a male,black labrador.He is 3 weeks old.A real cute one.Am leaving to Germany this Thursday.My grand parents there have a nice german sheperd too.Am really excited.Take care dude...

10:37 AM


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