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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cheetah Cubs and Honey Badgers

Shortly after cheetah cubs are born, they grow tall fluffy fur that goes from the top of their heads most of the way down their backs. This fur is called a mantle. The mantle helps to camouflage cubs until it disappears when they are three to six months of age and better able to get away from predators. It is also thought that the cheetah's mantle makes it look like a fierce animal called a honey badger. In theory then, predators who aren't interested in messing with a honey badger will leave cheetah cubs alone.


Blogger VallyP said...

Hi Paul
Just popped by to see what you're busy with now! Love the photos of the cheetah cubs. They look like little Rock stars with all that hair!

By the way, I was reading the piece about Arctic Oil Drilling, which is focussed on US citizens putting pressure on their senators, but is there any room for outsiders to put the pressure on too?

2:42 AM

Blogger Janey said...

Very interesting site!

I'm sad to say that both our Senators voted for the bill - which also seems to be the will of the majority of people around here.

10:22 AM

Blogger VallyP said...

Thanks for the tip on my blog, Paul. I have now signed up and hope I'll be able to support some of these campaigns. I've also signed up to the Bio-gems site as well, so I'll be flying the cyber banners!

You're right, I do have a good life, and I appreciate how fortunate and rich I am to have spent so many years in Africa and now to have access to such beautiful countryside from both land and water.

Thanks Paul and till next time
Take care

11:10 AM

Blogger Anne-Marie said...

Hi Paul,
Thanks so much for educating us with great pictures and fun facts. We're studying the animal kingdom right now in my classroom and my students are naturally drawn to the big mammals. I'm introducing conservation as part of their required research- a little empathy and awareness will hopefully go a long way.


3:11 PM

Blogger kelly rae said...

hi paul
what a fantastic blog you have! yes, Shorty's in just about 10 miles south of Cannon Beach. It's in Oswald West State Park and is also called Short Sands - aka Shorty's. The campground is amazing! and of course, the beach is really great. you should go, if you haven't already! where in oregon are you located?

6:00 PM

Blogger Dia said...

Very interesting, and the cheetah cubs look so cute;)

12:00 PM


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