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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Place For Every Species...

In Africa, you find many species of herbivores that eat grasses, and leaves from low bushes. At the other extreme are the elephants and the giraffes that can grab leaves from the tops of trees. And in between there is a special member of the antelope family called the gerenuk. Gerenuks gracefully rear up on their hind legs to reach lower branches on trees and the upper parts of bushes. Isn't it amazing how nature has designed a niche in the web of life for every creature!

I photographed this couple in Samburu National Reserve in Kenya. On my African Safari DVD, you can watch them stand up and reach the leaves. It's an amazing thing to witness.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the GERENUK.


Blogger Keshi said...

VERY interesting! Great pics too...

**Isn't it amazing how nature has designed a niche in the web of life for every creature!

it sure is...thats why Nature is the only real thing ard...


4:49 PM

Blogger David Kleinert said...

Wow, this is such a great wildlife action shot! Well done & keep up the good work! cheers

8:28 PM

Blogger Roberta said...

Thanks for visiting my cat's blog, Tyskie is really an amazing creature, just like any other animal, I guess... they are all too precious. Nice blog you have, very instructive and of course, claims for something very important. Regards, Roberta

8:06 AM

Blogger Anne-Marie said...

What a great picture. Thanks for continuing to put these amazing pictures and links to the wonderful animals on the planet. I love coming to this blog.


2:09 PM

Blogger MBrown said...

Such a beautiful animal and a great shot of them too!
Really have never paid that much attention to their necks really, and I guess that it is a good thing that their heads are small! :)

Great stuff Paul!

5:48 AM

Blogger Shannon said...

What a wonderful action shot... I love seeing your view on the snimals, and I agree about the niche, nature is amazing.

9:03 AM

Blogger CCHarmony said...

You have the best job. I would love to be able to travel like that. But my animals at home wouldn't like it too much!

3:30 PM

Blogger joy said...

I hope to one day take a trip to Africa. To see those beautiful animals in their natural enviroment.

10:39 PM

Blogger uderhood said...

Your website has a useful information for beginners like me.

9:09 PM


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